What to wear to the wedding?
You do NOT need to wear a suit, tuxedo, or fancy dress!
This is an outdoor fair event, much like a typical renaissance faire where visitors and participants usually all dress in "period" costumes.
Of course, its not required to dress in a costume, but isn't a tuxedo or formal wear a type a costume also?  Think of this as just another dress-up event, but you're dressing up for a different time period.   Besides, Halloween is coming up and you can use the costume for that party the next month anyway!   Pirates are "in" rigth now!

How to dress like a pirate? Fancy hats are ALWAYS important! Eye-patches are cute, but are kinda cheesy.  Take a look at the pictures in the location info page under the Gold Coast festivals, and you'll get the idea.

For the Guys: "Poet's shirt", baggy cut-off pants, birkenstock sandals, and a frilly bandana are goodways to start.  You can get much fancier if you like, but this is pretty basic. CLICK HERE for more details...

For the Girls: A fluffy, frilly long-sleeve chemise under dark colored dreses with a lacey vest or corset are standard.  CLICK HERE for more details...
For even more links to other websites for costume ideas... CLICK HERE